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Exclusive Manufacturer of Parmatic ® filtration products.




Ethics, Values and the proper Business conduct are vital to the success of the Admiral Filter Company, LLC. AFC is committed to maintaining the highest level of Business Ethics and the prevention of Fraud or Malpractice. To that end, we have established a Malpractice Policy which is regularly reviewed with employees. The Policy is:
Our Company's reputation for high legal and ethical standards is our greatest asset. Our ethics are the foundation for the trust which our customers place in us, and allow us to gain respect and support in the community. Admiral Filter Company’s goal is not just to comply with the letter of the law, but to abide by the highest principles of integrity and concern for others. We operate with a zero-tolerance policy relative to Malpractice and Fraud. For each of us this means:

  • Taking a personal responsibility for producing products of the highest quality that in all cases meets our customer's requirements and specifications:
    • Not deviating from written procedures and policies
    • Performing inspections and tests according to approved and proven methodologies
    • Ensuring accurate and complete product, testing and inspection documentation
  • Safeguarding our customer’s trust and respect:
    • Ensuring contractual compliance in all cases
    • Eliminating material substitutions
    • Obtaining deviation authorizations as appropriate
    • Protecting customer information and requirements
  • Operating with integrity, respect and concern for others:
    • Treating all colleagues equally
    • Abiding by work rules and laws
    • Ensuring a work environment that is safe and free from harassment
  • Protecting company resources and intellectual property:
    • Eliminate waste in use of company supplies, materials and work processes
    • Reducing rework and nonconforming product
    • Protecting company information and product designs
    • Prompt and accurate reporting of any suspected incidents of Malpractice, Fraud or violations of Admiral Filter Company's Business Ethics.