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Products: PSI-1050 Moisture Separator

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Product Overview

The PSI-1050 two stage separator with integrated AUTO DOOR bypass feature represents today, as it did when originally designed by the Admiral engineering team, the ultimate in gas turbine combustion and cooling air moisture separation.
The benefits over conventional 3 stage systems are readily apparent, with features that result in significant advantages to the ship designer, builder and owner. Originally designed using an in-house wind tunnel based on the National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE) model, the PSI -1050 has been included in the design of numerous classes of naval vessels.
The AUTO DOOR bypass feature significantly reduces the surface area required for inlet air since the bypass and separator are integral, eliminating the need for separate bypass doors.
Materials have been chosen to withstand the most arduous marine environment conditions and to provide reliable, long term operation.


  • High efficiency, low pressure drop
  • Significant weight reductions
  • Substantial reductions in space
  • Elimination of separate bypass doors
  • Automatic anti-icing available
  • Reliable, proven in operation
  • Major cost savings
we protect the fleet


This figure shows the result of a test of salt penetration by a 30 knot marine aerosol as predicted by NGTE.
The system efficiency is increased significantly over conventional systems. As a consequence, there is an equivalent reduction in pollutants to the gas turbine and a reduced need for gas turbine maintenance due to fouling or corrosion.
we protect the fleet

Pressure Drop

The significantly lower pressure loss of the PSI-1050 as compared to a 3-stage system, is clearly shown in the figure on the right.
Not only does this result in a greatly reduced frontal area, it also translates into a fuel saving for the gas turbine or provides the same power at a lower exhaust gas temperature.
we protect the fleet

Size Reduction

The PSI-1050 operating at high velocity, namely 29 ft/second and incorporating Admiral's unique air bypass system, has a considerable size advantage over a typical 3-stage system operating at 22 ft/second.
This reduced area is clearly shown in the figure on the right. The area required by the PSI-1050 is up to 41 % less than equivalent 3-stage systems with standard bypass doors.